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الوصف Almawja tours is privately owned firm company established promote Travel and Tourism in Libya with high standards and competitive rates. Our aims is to meet the desire of our client and to give a good reputation in this field
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 مواقع اخرى في قسم سياحة
1. Jannat Tours - اسفار جنات
القسم :   سياحة

2. Tours One Libya
  One of the most powerful tourism Companies. It has a good experience in the field of tourism, mainly a good guide for nice tours and how to travel in the history of Old Libyan Land, i.e. how to be acquainted with the Libyan ancient monuments Tripoli Tel: +218 21 4778428 Fax: +218 21 4778428
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3. Wesaam For Touring Services - وسام للسياحة
  Specialized in the field of Touring Services & Investments. Our main objective is to introduce un-discovered potential and amazing tourist revenues,touring capabilities and cultural wealth of Libya in the field of tourism, by encouraging bi-directional collaboration with other touristic colleges locally and internationally Tel.& Fax +218 (021) 33 43 719 or 361 42 91 P.O.Box 12983 Tripoli - Libya
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4. Juddaim Tourism Services
  Juddaim Tourism Service is an integrated team of tourism experts, who have a great deal of experience in finding fascinating destinations, who are knowledgeable about culture and art, and for whom service and hospitality are of the greatest importance. They all have an immense love and appreciation of the beauty of their homeland, and are eager to share this treasure of beauty with others, especially those interested in history, landscape and virgin wilderness, travellers who enjoy both culture and adventure Tripoli Libya P.O.BOX 972 Phone: +218 21 477 83 20 Fax: +218 21 477 83 21
القسم :   سياحة

5. شركة ازجر للخدمات السياحية المساهمةم/ شعبية غات
  AZJAR Tourism is an experienced tourist company, specialized in desert and coastal tours. It was established in 1993 with its main office in Ghat / Libya and a second office in Tripoli.

The tours in the south of Libya are a unique experience, through one of the most adventurous and undiscovered deserts of the planet.

Excursions to AKAKUS, WAW AL NAMUS, TADRART AND MATKHANDOUSH mountains will give you the rare opportunity to admire the early history of this part of the world, forgotten civilizations that left the signs of their passage sculptured, painted and engraved in the caves of this desert.

Throughout these visits, our customers will be led by native Touareg guides, and will be enjoying traditional dishes during their camping in the desert.

You will also have the opportunity to visit the spectacular and suggestive Oasis of Gabroun and Umm Al maa, close to the ancient ruins of Germa with its interesting museum.

Transport to these magnificent sites includes 4 WD cars, caravans, miharres and camels, which will make your trip an exceptional experience.

AZJAR Tours also organizes tours on the coastal areas of Libya to the magnificient classic Roman and Greek ruins of Leptis Magna, Sabratha, Apollonia and Cyrene.

As you can realize in the following pages, our programme is organized into tours according to the different places our guests wish to visit. We also remind our customers that they will have the possibility to be accommodated in first class hotels on request.

We do also provide tailor-made trips as well as support for expedition type journeys.
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